Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday, Sierra!

Yesterday we had Sierra's birthday party. This was the first (and probably last) birthday party she has had that didn't have mostly family in attendance. She had three friends from school and five from church/bible study. I'm amazed (or maybe I'm not) by the differences in these two groups of friends. The girls from school were good, not outright disobedient or rude, but they were LOUD and a little crazy. The girls from church/bible study were a lot quieter and more calm. We had 20 minutes after we were done with everything for the girls to play. The school girls went into Sierra's room and were loud and crazy (they were under the covers of her bed, moved the actual mattress out about six inches, pulled her blinds all the way down), and the church friends sat at the kitchen table and colored and stamped pictures. I now know where the crazy/loud side of Sierra is coming from. It kind of makes me glad I'm homeschooling next year. Anyway. I digress. Back to the party.

Here is the cake I made for Sierra. The candy canes are really just there to cover up the crappy frosting job!Sierra showing me my due adoration when I brought her cake. Or...this might be an embarrased smile.This is what an Overwhelmed Party Girl looks like blowing out her candles. She told me it was "too wild" when I asked her what was wrong.My friend Kim was taking pictures, and she made Sierra smile so there would be at least one good picture of her.
I took pictures of Sierra with each gift, to use as Thank You cards, but I won't bother posting those here.
I didn't take anymore pictures of the party, because I'm a horrible mom (I also haven't posted any pictures of my poor middle child's birthday, because I'm an awful, horrible, no good, very bad mom). But I hope you enjoyed what I did take.


Kimi said...

The cake looks great. You should always do a winter theme for her cakes. Might have to have my SIL look for Addi's bday next year.
Sierra looks so grown up. It's crazy that she said it was too wild, Rye would have thrived off that. I'm glad you all had a good time. Love you all.

Heather said...

ah that cake is cute, love the candy canes. She does look really old in those pics.

Jinglbells said...

good job on the cake,creative. i love it. tell her we love her and happy birdday

Danielle said...

i agree..she does look old...well i will say grown up...i can't believe how kids are nowa days...that is the problem with a lot of kids...they have no respect for other peoples stuff.

and you arent a bad mom..alot better then i would be..there would be no pictures ...well i am getting better about that