Thursday, July 05, 2007

A little movie fun...

Okay, here's how it goes. First, I thought of seven of my favorite movies (okay, one's not a movie, but it won't be hard to guess). Then, I went to IMDb and found the plot keywords for those movies. I'm going to list the keywords below, and you have to try to guess what the movies are. You can leave a message in the comments section with your guess. ***Kim, you have to email me your answers, 'cause this might not be as hard for you as for some!*** As you guess the correct answers, I will post them in a different color. Okay, here goes.

#1: Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship / Recording Studio / Broken Arm / Military / Church

#2: Judge / Gymnastics / Coach / Courtroom / Melodrama

#3: Female Killer / Honeymoon / Police / San Francisco California / Serial Killer

#4: Teenage Girl / Catholic School / Dog / Stuttering / Talent Show

#5: Cartoon / Blob / Blue / Bull / Bus

#6: Secret Passage / Father Daughter Relationship / Moving / Prayer / Rooftop

#7: Tree / Car Accident / Female Doctor / Drawing / Tree Planting

Okay, so there they are. I have to admit, some of these are pretty obscure. I'm not even sure how a few of them relate to the movies. I'll give you a few hints. #3 is a comedy. And one of these is a brand new (still in theaters) movie. Okay, that's it. Figure them out!!!


Erin said...

I got #1 and #2, but I haven't thought that hard yet...

Danielle said...

1 that thing you do
2 stick it
3 so i married an axe murderer
5 fosters home for imaginary pets
6?um nancy drew? i have never seen that so i dont know
7ahh maybe the lake house..

ScrapFairy said...

wooo hoo dani you go, i dont even have to put my answers done now, cause you got them all. Ok so there were 2 I wasnt sure of but i would have figured them out, no really I would have.

Danielle said...

umm i kinda cheated on the last two as i have never seen i rented lake house but never got around to watching it

PinkLady said...

Yeah, not so easy for me!! I knew Foster's right away but the rest would have taken me a while had it not been for Dani's answers. I feel like a fool! I think I will do this on mine too.