Monday, May 12, 2008

At the playground.

Well, I was finally a nice mom, and I took my kids to the park. Two days in a row, even. The first day, the big kids and I went to the Etna City Park. A friend of mine ended up being there with her three kids. So while they all played, she and I got to visit. On Saturday I took all three kids to the elementary school playground. Here are some pictures from that. I know there are a lot of them, but I actually deleted a lot.

Sierra's new obsession is the monkey bars. If she is at a playground, she is on the monkey bars. I had a hard time getting her to do anything else. We actually discovered a blister on her hand today, from going across the monkey bars so much. Tyner playing with the tic-tac-toe board.
Making them stand still for a posed picture is always fun.
Going down the slide the right way.
All alone while Mommy takes pictures.
Monkey bars again.
This is how Tyner swings when no one will help him up onto the swing.
And again....
Going down the slide the wrong way.
Checking out the ants.
Over the jungle gym.
She even makes monkey bars out of things that aren't monkey bars.
Just looking pretty.
Wondering what's going on.
Trying to eat the camera.
The three of them together.
I actually used the timer for this one.
Well, there are those pictures. It's time to go feed Zeke. Then I will be back on to post some more stuff.


Kimi said...

first, i love their faces in the "posed" picture, hehe. sierra must have some strong arms. she looks so cute in that slide picture. reminds me of the pics of her and rye at the park when they were toddlers.

Kimi said...

btw, ur kids look super well dressed. i dont know what you were talking about up in washington, they look better than rye ever does.