Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Update

I took Sierra to the doctor's today. The poor girl has strep throat, and is absolutely miserable. She is now on antibiotics, and can go back to school on Wednesday. I am switching the kids from the clinic in Etna to my doctor in Fort Jones. So, that is who we went to see today. Well, not the doctor, but his wife, who is a Nurse Practitioner. This is the lady I was supposed to have an appointment with tomorrow afternoon.

So, we decided, since I was already there, that we would just go ahead and do my prenatal appointment. Gosh, I love small towns! So, she checked me. I am a "good" 3 cm (not sure what "good" means exactly, if it's just a three, or more than a three but not a four, or what), if not 100% effaced than pretty darn close, and the baby is still at a 0 (zero) station. So, I'm completely effaced and have gone another centimeter in a week. Woohoo. At this rate, I'll have him sometime in November! Just kidding.

Well, that's all I have to update. Still no major or regular contractions. No water breaking. Nothing cool. I'll let you know more when I know more.

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Kimi said...

I'd love to live in a small town like that too. I hope Sierra feels better. So u gonna take one last picture before you go have the baby?