Monday, August 13, 2007

Sierra's extra tooth

Just a quick post to show you my daughter's mouth. I know most of you have heard the story about how we discovered her loose tooth (we thought Jay punched it loose while they were wrestling), but then we discovered the big tooth growing in behind it. Well, the tooth is still just loose, and getting more loose everyday. And the big tooth is just getting bigger. When it actually falls out, I will take another picture and post it. But, for now, here is my girl's extra tooth. ***Sorry, I know it looks kind of gross.***


Danielle said...

how is that gross?? its her mouth! mike had that same thing but i cnat remember if it was his first or second tooth. the little one stayed for a long time!

PinkLady said...

Rye had the same thing too. With both her middle bottom teeth. I also don't see the gross factor. I just want Ryes top ones to start coming in. Our babies are getting too big! =(