Friday, June 15, 2007

Twenty-four down, sixteen to go.

Okay, guys. I know it's been a long four weeks. And that you have all been anxiously waiting for my latest belly picture. Well, wait no more. Here it is. This is 24 weeks:

And, just for some comparison, here is my 20 week picture:

I looked at Sierra's baby book, for some comparison. I am as big now (at 24 weeks) as I was with her at 31 weeks. Yikes!

Things are going well so far. This one (hereafter called Zeke) is an active little fellow. More active than his brother and sister were, I think. Everytime I eat, he moves. Everytime I sit down to rest, he moves. Everytime I lay down to sleep, he moves. When I get up in the middle of the night to, uh, relieve myself, I seem to wake him up. So then he moves when I lay back down. Very active.

Speaking of the middle of the night. I am now sleeping on the couch. No, Jason didn't kick me out of bed. Let's just say the corner of my couch (filled with pillows) is the Poor Man's Recliner. I've been having trouble sleeping in my bed, having to be on my sides all the time. I think my bed is too soft, and it really hurts my hips. So, I have moved to the couch. It is a little more firm, and I can prop myself up in the corner when I don't want to lay down.

So, that seems to be all that is going on physically for now. I have another doctors appointment on Tuesday. Nothing special this time. Just weight (about 10 lbs so far, I think), fundal height measurement, heartbeat, any questions. The normal stuff. At my 28 week appointment I have to do the glucose test. Where you drink the nasty orange syrupy stuff. Gag! I'm not looking forward to that.

As for other baby news, I don't know. I'm wanting to quit working before the kids start school (August 22nd is their first day). Not sure how that's going to work out though. It will take some sacrificing. Although, I'm not making much over there anyway (my boss tends to do my work for me on the days I'm not there, so I am not getting as many hours as I am scheduled for), and I'm paying almost 25% of what I make just to drive over there. But, that is a discussion for me and Jay to have in the near future. I have finished up my Target registry (I think). We will have a baby shower here after the baby is born (the women from church usually do it this way), and there is talk of a Washington baby shower sometime this summer. Not sure if it is going to happen, as it takes gas (and gas money) to drive to Washington. We will see on that too.

As for other family news:

Tyner is finally out of diapers! I told him we didn't have anymore money to buy him diapers. I finally realized that if there were diapers in the house (like for him to wear to bed at night), he would want to poop in those instead of the potty. So we just banned all diapers from the house. Which also means I have to get up in the middle of the night to take him potty, so he doesn't wet his bed. Guess I'm just preparing myself for Zeke's arrival. BUT, he finally got his Superman underwear yesterday. I promised him months and months ago that I would buy him Superman underwear if he would start pooping in the potty. And he does now, so I bought them for him when Jay and I made our WalMart trip yesterday. Maybe he will be fully trained in time for preschool after all!

Sierra is just getting older and older everyday. She is starting to read all by herself. In fact, she read "parsley" and "chips" off my grocery list the other day. She is very excited to start kindergarten next year, and actually wishes (sometimes) that she didn't have to wait for summer to be over. She is getting to be a speed demon on her bike, riding up and down the driveway. We had to buy her a basket for her bike yesterday, so she could carry all her stuff between our house and GGs when she goes for a visit. She took Teddy on the Inaugural Ride this morning. I get a little sad when I look at her, because my baby girl is getting TOO big.

Jay and I are taking the kids fishing tomorrow. Sierra has been before, but this will be Tyner's first time. It is a surprise (all they know is that we are "going somewhere" tomorrow). When we went to WalMart yesterday, we bought them new fishing poles. Barbie for Sierra, and Pirates of the Carribean for Tyner (or Dragon Back Parrow as Tyner calls it). I will take lots of pictures, and try to post them on Sunday.

Well, I should get going. I have some chores to do, and a small errand to run later. I'm planning a post in my head, about all the interesting things I have been up to, and in to, lately. Hopefully I will get to it later today, or sometime this weekend. As long as I don't forget about it....pregnancy brain, you know.

Well, I'm signing off now. Hope you all enjoyed this post you practically begged me for!


MrsWndr said...

Holy Crap, you're huge! I mean just your belly of course, no where else on your body is remotely bigger. Well, maybe your ta-tas! I can't believe how big the kids are getting. Life is crazy!

ScrapFairy said...

Ahh it makes me feel like I am right there with you. That is so cool that she can just ride over to gg's, love that. I am glad all is well and make sure you check with VBS schedule. Love you guys.