Friday, May 18, 2007

It's time once again....

....for belly pictures! I know you have all been anxiously awaiting my 20 week belly picture. But before I post it, I will give you an update on how things are going. Most of you know we had an ultrasound two weeks ago, and it is a boy. We have decided on the name Ezekiel Ray. If ya' don't like it, too bad! We will call him Zeke or Ezekiel. Nothing else! Just so you know. Pregnancy so far has been good. All the normal, uncomfortable things have been happening, but it's okay. My weekly email says the baby is 5.6 to 6.4 inches from crown to rump (that would be head to butt for those of you that don't know). It also says he weighs 9 ounces. I have been feeling the baby move for about 4 weeks now. He is a very active boy. We have had three comments so far about how much/how fast he moves (from our doctor, our midwife, and the ultrasound tech). The movement still can't be felt on the outside of my belly, but I can definitely feel him wiggling around in there. I have also discovered that he does not like to be pushed on. When I have my seatbelt on, he will kick against where the belt is pressing. When I'm slouched over in front of the computer (you know how bad my posture is!), he kicks on where my belly is bent. If I'm laying down, and pushing hard on my belly (especially when I had my ultrasound) it feels like he is throwing his entire body against the spot where I am pushing. I'm really excited (and maybe a little scared!) for him to come out so I can see how different he is from Sierra and Tyner. My next appointment is on Tuesday. Nothing important there, just weight and heartbeat stuff. Okay, enough of my rambling! Here it is:

I thought I'd post my 16 week picture also, just so you could all be reminded.

You can tell the belly portion has moved down a great deal. I always carry my babies REALLY low. And truthfully, I think my belly was so big in my 16 week picture because I was really bloated. Now, it's definitely baby in there.

Okay, there is my update. Hope you all enjoyed it!

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MrsWndr said...

He really did move down! Yowza! I guess that's good and bad. Good-no kicks in the ribs, bad-more pressure on ur pelvis? I like hte name, and more power to ya. I will call him whatever you wish. Love you!