Sunday, May 21, 2006

Plans for a Great Summer

This is going to be the most silly summer ever. I am going to sleep until noon. Then I am going to have cookies for breakfast.

After breakfast, Ereena and I will go to the beach and build sand dogs all morning. If we get bored, we will go down to the park and go roller running. For lunch we will have ice cream sandwiches.

Later in the summer, I may take a trip to Seattle to visit Tyra Banks. Or maybe I will go to camp and learn deer-back riding. I definitely want to watch Over The Hedge sixteen times.

Last week, my parents were talking about having me clean the blankets out of the garage. They also want me to walk the lawn every week. And I think they said something about pushing in the garden. I hope they won't be too dirty when they find out I already have plans!

Go ahead. Make your own madlib!! You know you want to.


Mom101 said...

For a moment I figured your four year old got onto your blogger account and started posting. Mad libs--love them!

sweatpantsmom said...

Your summer sounds peachy. 'Cept I would go to Tahiti to visit Tyson Beckford.

(Off to make my own MadLib!)

Tori said...

How we love a mad lib...
You did have me though. At first I thought
This chick is one crazy bitch!
Have a good weekend... all three glorious days of it!

MrsWndr said...

I'm waaaiiiittttiiinnnngggg! Write some more crazy lady! Love you

Erna/Erin said...

Pretty weird that we are going "roller running". Rememebr when we used to do that?!


MrsWndr said...

It has now been 19 days since your last confession...where are you?!

MrsWndr said...

r u kidding me?