Friday, May 05, 2006

The Boy's New Shirt

Here is The Boy's new shirt that I got at Target today. I have been looking for one of these in his size. It's totally appropriate, don't you think?

He is sitting on my lap right now, and here is our conversation:

Me: I think you look silly wearing daddy's hat.

Him: No! No see-yee, Mama. Me mad. Noht (not) fay (not fair).

Me: You're mad? Why are you mad? What's not fair?

Him: Me pay (play) ow hide (outside). No fay.

Me: Oh. You're mad that you don't get to play outside, and it's not fair?

Him: Yeah.

And...that was it. Keep in mind, people, that this is my stimulation throughout the day. Conversations with a two-and-a-half year old. Here's one between The Boy and The Hubster the other night while going to bed:

Boy: Me you voom-voom, dah-ee (daddy).

Hub: You wanna' go in my jeep?

Boy: Yeah. Me die (drive) you voom-voom.

Hub: You wanna' drive my jeep?

Boy: Yeah.

Hub: Do you know how to drive?

Boy: Yeah.

Hub: Oh. Do you have your driver's license?

Boy: Yeah.

Hub: Do you have your own car?

Boy: Yeah.

Hub: Are you a compulsive liar?

Boy: Yeah.

So. Freakin'. Funny. I now ask The Boy this question all the time. And he always answers "Yeah." He also apparently can now climb up into The Hubster's Jeep, get the keys from the center console, find the ignition key, and stick the key into the ingnition. Nice.

Okay, so there are my boy adventures for the day.


MrsWndr said...

A lady just told me about this shirt the other day and I totally thought of the boy. That's so funny and so him. Those conversations are priceless. Make sure you jot them down, better yet. Print off that post and do a scrapbook page. Love to read them.

sunshine scribe said...

"Are you a compulsive liar?

Boy: Yeah."


Oh and that shirt is perfect. He coudn't be cuter :)

Mom101 said...

Sounds stimulating enough to me! Mine just says aiiiieeeiiiibabababababa these days. and sometimes cat.

MommaK said...

OMgosh!! What a cutie pie!!!!

sweatpantsmom said...

That shirt is priceless.