Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Playroom

I realized that I've never posted any pictures of our playroom that Jason (with the help of friends and family) built for us this summer. I spent some time in there last night cleaning, sorting, and organizing. I took out about half the toys that were in there and put them in the garage to be brought out at a later date. The room is nice and tidy now, with a space at one end for possible homeschooling use. Anyway, on with the pictures.

A view of the carpeted area of the playroom. The wall at the end is painted with chalkboard paint. The space at the back half of the room is where we would do school.

Part of our toy storage. The kids weren't using this as a dollhouse, so we decided to put the plastic toy boxes in it. I love the boxes with the locking lids, because Zeke can't get in to them without help.

Our tall bookshelf with games, art supplies, more games, and big toys.

This is the "mudroom" side of the room. Jason hung a bar for our coats with a shelf on top for hats. Those are shoes and boots underneath the coats, and the basket has hats/gloves/scarves in it.

So, there it is. Our playroom. Hopefully we can keep it this clean from now on, now that there are less toys in there.

Someday I'd love to paint/decorate it. Any suggestions?


Kimi said...

theres the wall paper i showed you. you could do on part of the room. where you can draw inside the frames.
it's looks great. job well done jason.

Heather said...

oh cool glad you posted pics. It looks great int here. do the kids play in it alot? great job.

Danielle said...

that is AWESOME!! i wish we could have a play room like that and a mud room. that is so cool they are all in one. i think if we dont get these babies then we will do that to abbys room over the summer. i need a room they can play in and keep art supplies with out abby getting her grubby mitts

Erna/Erin said...

This totally inspired me to get a rack for my coats and scarves when I move. Thanks!!