Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grape popsicles and Purple Nurples..

Emma and I both have thrush. After several days of prescription meds with no relief, we had a brief stint of bottle use. Then I found Gentian Violet. Apparently this is what people used before prescriptions, but it's use dwindled because it's so messy. It stains everything it touches purple. That includes the sink, the burprags, and skin. When you use it, you paint the inside of baby's mouth with it, then nurse as usual. And if you've ever nursed a baby before, you know they aren't the neatest eaters. So now Emma has a purple face and I have Purple Nurples.

Here is a picture of Emma after the first time I used it. This is before she ate. She looks like she ate a grape popsicle nicely and neatly.

And here's some video I took of her this morning. You can see how far the GV has spread across her face. Oh, and isn't she really cute?

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Kimi said...

How precious! She made me yawn! Makes me want another bambino. Can I call her PPE, Purple People Eater. Hahaha. I'm hilarious.
I can't tell who she looks like as much, I just think she's cute!