Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Poppies and Sierra and Tyner

Here are some pictures of some poppies I took for Kim. At least, I think they are poppies....

And here are some random pictures of Sierra I have taken the last few weeks:

She finally lost her third tooth. The big one hasn't started growing in yet, so we finally get to see her with a hole in her mouth.
Here she is doing her favorite thing: holding Zeke.
I have let her stay up late reading several nights recently. This night, she actually fell asleep reading.

And here is a picture of Tyner at the Bluegrass Festival, with his face painted like a pirate (Blue Beard, maybe?). He wanted me to wash it off right after I took the picture, because the paint was drying and making his face stiff.

1 comment:

Kimi said...

for sierra- i am impressed, i don't think i've ever fallen asleep reading. well, at least not for real...only pretend.
for tyner- aarrgghhh!!!
for you- LOVE THE POPPY PICS! though i think you could have taken more. haha. I can't wait to print them out when i get home and add them to the ones in MY dining room.