Sunday, January 27, 2008

10 Random Facts About Me

***This is posted on my MySpace blog, but I thought I'd post it here for everyone to read.***

1. My favorite night time snack is tortilla chips with a dip made from sour cream and La Victoria Taco Sauce.
2. I am unsympathetic to the plight of my children. It doesn't bother me when my baby cries.
3. If I am in a room, the lights HAVE to be on. Even if there is daylight coming through the windows.
4. I'm a lazy housewife, which I hate about myself.
5. My favorite color combinations are brown/pink and brown/baby blue.
6. I only have 2 tattoos but I would love to have more.
7. I think corn tastes "round."
8. I have to have a Law&Order (original, SVU, or CI) fix at least every other day.
9. I can't walk away from a crossword puzzle without finishing it.
10. I use cloth diapers for my baby boy, and I absolutely LOVE IT!

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