Monday, February 05, 2007

We're in!!!

Well, we are finally moved into our house. We have been in since Saturday. It has been great having our own space! I was actually on the computer last night after everyone was in bed. It was awesome! Boxes are finally getting all the way unpacked. Most were half unpacked, but they are finally getting emptied. The kitchen is all put together now, as of an hour ago. We had our first official dinner together at the table, and I made my first official dinner (I'm not counting the frozen pizza I made on Saturday as official). I did all of our grocery shopping today. Only $300 for a kitchen full of stuff. Pretty good. I put everything away where I think it will go, but time will tell if it will all stay there. I even made The Hubster a sandwich for his lunch tomorrow. Dinner tonight was "Cowboy Casserole." Just cornbread with leftover chili/pinto beans and cheese on top. Tomorrow will be something with a pork roast. I'm cooking it in the crockpot with chicken broth while I'm at work tomorrow. I'll probably shred it and put some black beans and onions in with it and just have fajitas or something. So, there you go. There is my life as of late. As for tonight, it's probably gonna be reading for an hour or so, and then to bed at 9. I have to get up about 5:30 or 5:45 to get ready for work. There is a movie on TV tonight that I'd like to see, but I'll probably record it.

Okay, it's getting close to bedtime for The Kids. I should go help. Later, all!


dani said...

i am happy that you finally have your own makes you appreciate it more when you dont have it for a while...or a long time in your case...i cant wait to visit

MrsWndr said...

Yeah, you're in you house. I bet it's awesome, I'll be waiting for some pictures. perfect timing.

MrsWndr said...

Still waiting for those pictures. tap tap tap tap (that's my foot, if you were wondering...)